Justine Monikue is a chocolate-covered 80s baby, born abroad in Germany to military parents.  She spent a good chunk of her childhood in the Mid-Atlantic region of the USA (hence why she refers to submarine sandwiches as hoagies), and has familial ties to the southern part of the country.  She says y’all regularly, and enjoys eating at Bojangles’ whenever she’s near one.

At the age of ten, Justine had her first poem, I Am Nature, published in the Anthology of Poetry by Young Americans: 1995 Edition.

Justine Monikue has a BFA in Digital Design, and an MFA in Creative Writing.  She considers herself a gerbil connoisseur, and pseudo-hippy.

 1529793_804055583024134_7421519496808936222_oJustine on the Brandywine Hundred Library’s Meet The Authors Panel (April 2015)

During a long stretch of unemployment, Justine published her first book, Wet Spots & Tear Drops: Poems in late 2011.  She also released Let It Break, a book of four short stories, in early 2012.  In addition to these works, she also has some Kindle short stories in her arsenal.  

When Justine isn’t figuring out ways to add more hours in a day, she’s working a day job, feeding her creative spirit, raising her two children, reading, writing, and/or tweeting (@JustineMonikue). 

 20140718_230447902_iOSJustine visiting Baker Beach (July 2014)


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