What the LDL?

LDL cho·les·ter·ol

cholesterol present in the blood as low-density lipoprotein, a relatively high proportion of which is associated with a higher risk of coronary heart disease.
“when LDL cholesterol levels are elevated, saturated fat intake should be limited”
1960s: short for low-density lipoprotein cholesterol.
Oxford Dictionaries

Following my recent annual wellness visit, my blood work announced a forty-four point increase in my overall cholesterol level due to an increase in my LDL cholesterol. I was shocked, since the only issue I used to have was low iron(borderline anemia, pretty much), though it hasn’t been a problem since I began taking daily multivitamins with iron years ago.

I’ve been working to improve my diet for years and even started a personal daily fresh fruit consumption initiative nearly two weeks ago to promote a daily whole food habit. I was amazed when I realized that I don’t consume enough raw whole food, despite having prior knowledge of the health benefits of a diet rich in whole foods.

As I do, I researched LDL cholesterol and realized after discussing it with a friend that my spike in LDL was probably caused by the Turkey Shepherd’s Pie I meal prepped for myself the week prior for my work lunch. Who would’ve known something I hadn’t eaten in years would have such a negative offset? And there I was, thinking it’d be safer to use ground turkey in place of ground beef. It was the buttery-as-hell mashed potato layer that did the dirty work!

I’m sure by this time next year, as long as I stick to my daily serving of at least one fresh fruit and continue eating red meat here and there, my cholesterol will be back in the pink.

Getting old is serious business! Looks like I can no longer ignore the cholesterol servings on food labels any more. I have to look out for it the same way I do sodium and sugar content.

The days of mindlessly eating are over. Unless you have a death wish.



Photo Credit: Pixzolo Photography

3 thoughts on “What the LDL?

  1. That’s scary! But it doesn’t sound like you were a mindless eater to begin with lol I’m sure you will bring it down.
    I just had blood drawn the other day, now I’m nervous 😅

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