I Miss Being a Fur Mom

Since I moved into a non-pet friendly apartment in 2014, I’ve been missing pet parenthood.

Near the end of my stay at my previous residence, there were no indoor pets. However, I had a nice relationship with the outdoor furries and birds that visited. I’d leave them treats and take pleasure in watching them. Squirrel watching was my favorite pastime.

I realized the absence of having a fur baby makes my life less enjoyable. Not to the point of wanting to take a swan dive, but noticeable enough that it’s imperative that my next place of residence be pet-friendly.

Having kids doesn’t substitute having a pet; both are different relationships. A healthy pet is less stressful because I don’t have the same expectations for it as my healthy child. If I come home after working all day to crumbs on the kitchen counter and an overflowing sink of dishes, best believe my kids will receive an automatic ear beating. If my dog left some crumbs outside of its food dish, I wouldn’t be as bothered. And I bet the dog would show more affection and loyalty than my own flesh and blood.

Would you turn on the human that consistently feeds and plays frisbee with you? Probably not, but kids will turn on you for not giving them money to buy overpriced chips.

Fucking kids…gotta love ’em! But I digress.

Growing up with mostly cats, I’m used to the presence of small domesticated creatures. Watching adorable cat videos is a double-edged sword; so much joy and serotonin-boosting coupled with the slight heartache of not having catnip and Whiskas® on deck is bittersweet. [Sigh]

I’d like to have a chinchilla for my next pet – they’re cute and favor a cross between a rabbit/cat/squirrel. TOTES ADORBS!



Photo Credit: Jennifer Chen

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