Me Vs Life

How many times have you planned something, sometimes to the point of mental fatigue, only to have your plan blow up in your face?

That’s happened to me on the reg. So much so, I wonder now if there’s any point in planning anything outside of what to have for Saturday dinner.

Yes, Saturday dinner, because no one should spend a huge amount of time (unless they’re getting paid) preparing a labor-intensive evening meal the day before the work week starts…when you have to work the next day! Save your energy!

But I digress.

Though I’ve been challenging myself not to dwell on the past, I find myself questioning my life choices when I realize my life plans aren’t manifesting in the way I’d hoped, or an inconvenient event surfaces.

“It is what it is.” 

It is, but does it have the potential to improve?

“Roll with the punches.”

It’s hard to keep rolling with the punches when you’ve suffered a TKO or two.

So, what to do? Accept that life is yin and yang, and planning doesn’t hurt unless you convince yourself that your plan must go off without a hitch. Changes be damned!

Change is necessary for growth, even if it’s painful. We have to learn to let go and let whatever is meant for us flow in, to stop blocking our own blessings. To understand that a setback at the moment may actually be the start of something fruitful.

Speaking for myself, some of the best lessons I’ve learned have been from getting burned repeatedly. Now I walk around draped in a flame retardant jumpsuit with a fire extinguisher and first aid kit.



Photo credit: DIAO DARIUS

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