Kill the Noise

I may be experiencing early signs of misophonia. Sounds that didn’t bother me before now make me want to drag my knuckles across someone’s forehead.

Unfortunately, I work in an openly shared workspace at my day job in a low-walled cubicle. This means I’m exposed to every sneeze, cough, crunch, unsilenced phone, obnoxious personal convo, howl, and the clamor of dragging feet. Thank the audio gods for earbuds!

Noise-canceling devices are useless when you’re surrounded by loud-mouth coworkers since you’ll cause yourself to go deaf by cranking up the volume to tune them out.

I know sounds are gonna happen, I too make sounds, but damn, can people be more respectful with their damn personal racket? Makes me miss the days when I had my own office. I was spoiled and didn’t know it.[sigh]

Maybe I should build a sound booth made of acoustic foam around my cubicle. I’ll write it off as a work expense for my 2019 tax return.



Photo Credit: Ocean Biggshott

3 thoughts on “Kill the Noise

  1. Omg I feel your pain! How long have you had this work setup? Is it possible the effect is building up on you over time? I tend to think of each day as a fresh start but my nervous system disagrees lol
    I appear to be one of the 20% of the population who have a more sensitive system than most. It freaking sucks. The world is designed for people who enjoy big, loud crap like that. Amusement parks are horrifying for me, which confused me for years. I can enjoy an aquarium or a beach, esp. if it’s not too crowded.
    Cannot imagine working in a situation like yours, I would lose my mind pretty fast. Earbuds are awesome but noise-cancelling headphones are better. Good luck!

    1. The work setup has been in effect for about 3 years now. 😵 I do feel like my sound issue is building up over time, and it’ll drive me to move in the middle of nowhere where civilization is more of an idea and not a reality.
      Sorry to hear you’re having a similar conundrum but thankful you can relate! Wishing us both luck in tackling this audio inconvenience of life. 🍀🍀

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